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Valentino's Italian Cafe, Pizzeria, Deli, and Bakery.


Valentino's Café in Nashua NH, is the only location to get your classic Valentino's fix.  We are owned by the same people that brought you the original Valentino's Restaurant in Hudson NH.

We are unlike your average pizzeria or sub shop.  We wanted to create a very unique concept to the area.  Our goal was to take your favorite aspects of the North End of Boston, and place it in Nashua, NH.

We extracted a North End ambiance, and put together a menu to go with it.  

Our menu consists of everything from overstuffed subs where our meats, cheeses, and produce is sliced daily,  to pizza, calzones, appetizers, and full entrees including parmigianas, marsalas, and alfredos.  We pride ourselves on our items being 'made from scratch', from all of our sauces, to our meatballs, right down to our chicken cutlets being breaded by hand with our homemade breadcrumbs.


Many of the classic dishes from our former Valentino's Restaurant in Hudson are here! 

We also feature a large fresh salad bar filled many times throughout the day with fresh produce, and specialty items.  

We also brought Hanover Street in Boston right to you, by featuring a bakery with the same Italian pastries such as cannolis, ricotta pies, lobster tails, biscotti, and more - that you would find there.

And yes, we provide catering and function trays as well.

We invite you to come and 'Taste The Difference' !    And if you miss the old Valentino's, come on by.

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